Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Unrehearsed: Josh Sneed, Dale Jones, Tim Northern

This episode Unrehearsed features comedians Dale Jones, Josh Sneed, and a little bit of Tim Northern. Admittedly, it's all over the place and the audience for this show makes a brief appearance.

As far as episodes go however, there is a lot in there. Jamie Bendall hosts and it was recorded on a Saturday night in Atlanta at The Punchline.


Anonymous odinaka said...

Really enjoyed this one! Maybe it's because Josh was really interactive with you and actually played the role of interviewer for a little bit. Cool ending too, I won't spoil it for all the other commenters of this blog.

I'm doing mind numbing work in the office today and will be/have been catching up on all the Unrehearsed episodes I've missed in hopes of preventing myself from doing anyone in my immediate vicinity bodily harm.

1:27 PM  

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